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12 Hours of Kettlebell swings for Sports Relief 2014   – Click here to watch video if you can’t view above.

Fitness Wild supported Sports Relief this year, on the 22 of March in Falmouth on the Moor.
We boldly swung a 12kg Kettlebell for 12 hours straight. 8am – 8 pm. Participants included the Fitness Wild crew as well as the Falmouth Fire service. Between us all we kept a single bell swinging all day.

This is extremely taxing on you bum muscles, backs of your legs and your forearms. We worked tirelessly in shifts of 5 minutes each. Throughout the day we were helped along by the great spirit of the general public who had a go and kindly donated.

In total we raised a staggering £1107.50 One rupee and 037 euros. Fitness Wild would like to make a public thank you to everyone who came down, had a go, and cheered us on. Shout out to Falmouth fire service for joining in, Good Vibes for the coffees and Underground bar for refuelling us. We had Sunshine, hail stones, laughs and we were all close to tears on the last 5 minutes of swings. Truly an Amazing day and really showed what a supporting and great community Falmouth has.

Sports Relief is a great charity and one we at Fitness Wild are proud to support.

Sports Relief is all about bringing the entire nation together to get active, have fun and raise life-changing cash. This cash is spent helping children into education, helping people into sheltered accommodation and protecting those from domestic abuse.