Outdoor Training in Falmouth

Fitness Wild is the art of strength, agility, flexibility and finding the balance that fits you.

Training on Falmouth’s beaches and in the fields, we build functional fitness from the ground up, starting with the foundations of movement, breath and tension; promoting all-round health and better wellbeing.

Training this way allows for clients to become aware of how their body moves; their posture, alignment and core control. It’s not plush. There are no televisions, no mirrors and no water cooler to stand beside and chat. The training is tough and having two instructors to push you along with your workout makes for little respite.

This is what makes Fitness Wild so addictive. You’re not only training outside and battling the elements, you’re battling your grit to push on when you’re running on empty, to finish that last sprint or clean the Kettlebell for that last rep.

We cater for all abilities, with the aim to give each client an education on how to train to improve his or her strength, power, physique and health.

So why not step outside? A study found that exercise in natural environments is linked to more energy, feeling revitalised and more focus whilst working out. Levels of tension, confusion, anger and depression lowered.

As well as improved mental health benefits, the study shows greater enjoyment from exercising outside, and a higher likelihood of continuing with the exercise regime. These are all reasons to exercise outdoors.

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Personal Training

Our personal training packages use the most modern principles of training, using full body workouts that teaches your body to work as one.

Not knowing what’s next teaches your body and mind to prepare and work together.

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Group Workshops

Our group fitness sessions in Falmouth are designed to teach you the art of strength, agility, flexibility and help you find balance.

There’s a great community and everyone is always made to feel welcome.  

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BioPrint is unique method of identifying hormone imbalances in the body through non-invasive techniques in order to improve the body’s performance.

We are the only BioPrint practitioners in Cornwall. Book your initial consultation today.

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Body Transformations & Results

Do you have what it takes to transform your body? 

Whether it’s a 12-week challenge or a 12 month programme, we’ll work with you to help you achieve your goals through nutrition, tailored personal training and ongoing support.

If you want to take on the Fitness Wild 12 week Body Transformation, then email us at info@fitnesswild.com for more information.