Amy O’Brien

Ten months ago I found myself physically at rock bottom. I realised something had to be done and reached out to Jimmy and Benji in the hope that they could help me regain control of my health. Just sending the first email seemed like the hardest thing to do because it meant being vulnerable and admitting that I needed help.

I was pretty ashamed of letting myself get so unhealthy, especially given I’d had a very active and healthy upbringing, but I never once felt judged by Jimmy or Benji.Looking back I really had no idea about the journey I was going to embark on.

It’s been tough, challenging and highly rewarding. There are no short cuts or magic pills, just hard work, determination and a great support network. The one-on-one time you get with personal training has been invaluable to me, there was no way you could’ve convinced me to join the group sessions 10 months ago, not a chance!

Having looked through the Facebook page and Fitness Wild website I certainly expected to gain physical strength with these guys but just as important is the mental strength they inspire in you. You push yourself in ways that you may have never done before, whether that’s through tough training or taking control of your diet.

Jimmy and Benji won’t let you get away with slacking but they don’t just bark orders at you and expect you to perform like a monkey. These guys know their stuff and even more importantly they want to share it with you. Take the time to listen and you can learn a lot about your own body. They are always open to a good debate about the latest ‘research’ and really encourage you to educate yourself. For me, this has been one of the most important aspects in making these changes permanent.

I found it therapeutic just committing myself to this kind of physical training.

There’s a great buzz after training sessions and the sense of achievement when you reach goals. Equally there have been times when I’ve lost drive and motivation or been distracted by other things going on in my life.

You can’t give someone direction and focus but these guys really do care about you reaching your goals and are willing to do a lot to encourage and inspire you to dig deep and get back on track. Keeping up consistency in training frequency has been a crucial factor in keeping me heading in the right direction even on the off days.

More recently I finally summoned up the courage to start attending the Fitness Wild workshops and although I might give the impression that every fibre of my being hates being there the fact that I keep going back, along with a many other dedicated Fitness Wilders, tells you how much we hate (love) it!

I can’t praise these guys highly enough and would encourage anyone thinking about trying out training with Fitness Wild to just give it a go.

Amy’s Results

Amy’s amazing results came after month’s of hard work, dedication, determination and commitment. There are no short cuts but we will design programmes specific to you, your body and your needs.

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