Ben Short

Sport and exercise has always been part my life but at 37 I was in denial about my body shape and condition. I found all the usual excuses; getting older, recurrent injuries, bad back, work restrictions and family commitments. My partner and I are both shift workers and juggle child care for our 3 year old daughter. Life is just too busy, right?

I joined the Fitness Wild group training sessions which really opened my eyes to the shape I was in and how much I didn’t know about training. I found the groups welcoming, positive and addictive. I was quickly sold on the benefits of outdoor training and the Fitness Wild ethos. The sessions are tailored to all abilities and give everyone the opportunity to improve. A lot of the training methods were new to me but the team ensured I understood what i was doing and always kept good form. Results were immediate and encouraging. Quickly my posture improved and old injuries subsided.

This led to the commencement of my 12 week programme incorporating one on one training sessions, dietary re-education and lifestyle improvements. After the initial excitement wore off, I was a little daunted by what I had signed up to and the commitment required. In particular the programme required me to stop my frequent heavy drinking; an issue I was unwilling and reluctant to address.

The first 2 weeks were extremely challenging as my body had a huge tantrum due to the dietary and lifestyle changes. I became quite low in mood but the team’s consistent message, positive attitude and belief in me kept me focused.

After this initial difficult start and as my body adapted to the changes, I soon felt fitter, stronger and healthier. Within 2 weeks the changes in my physique were self evident and from that point on I never looked back

The gains from the personal training sessions were huge and measurable week on week with the focus on strength and form. The team pushed me harder than its possible to push yourself making what once seemed impossible suddenly achievable. It soon became evident that I had to forget what I thought I knew, trust the team – and things would take care of themselves. The team forced me to confront and improve my weak areas. Previously I would have fruitlessly hammered away at the things I thought I was good at. Each session was tailored to compliment the previous session and the next. Not one minute of time or one ounce of effort was wasted.

12 weeks later I am in the shape of my life. 10 kilos lighter and measurably stronger in all areas. I am no longer an excessive drinker and I feel happier and more positive. I recognise my face in the mirror again. What seemed impossibly difficult 12 weeks ago has become a way of life.

The bottom line is if you are serious about making changes and want real results, don’t waste your time anywhere else. Trust the Fitness Wild team, turn up, do as you’re told and you will see the results. it really is that simple. If I can do it, anyone can.

Ben’s Results

The Fitness Wild View

The initial process for Ben’s transformation was to introduce him to the Fitness Wild principles of nutrition. This is no crazy fad diet which is unachievable, but more of a lifestyle change. It is a healthy way to eat and although it is hard, the benefits will be great if strictly followed. The food plan would enable him to perform at his optimal level when training and at work. The well-researched and planned diet would result in muscle gain and a reduction in body fat.

Educating our clients is very important to us, as we have found that many people are not aware of the misconceptions and truths of many foods. The next stage was to programme his training into three, four week blocks. Each week was focussed on a different aspect. For Ben, the focus was strength, strength and hypertrophy then hypertrophy.

Alongside this Ben would try and make as many workshops as possible to keep a high level of conditioning which would complement his transformation. Ben managed to fit all of this around his full time job, child care and a puppy. No easy task and not once did he make an excuse or complain. He kept his head down and worked hard, giving 100% throughout. Clearly his results speak for themselves.

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