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Fighting Fit Girls – Miss Fighting Fit herself.

Jenny Woodberry AKA ‘Miss Fighting Fit’ has been training with Fitness Wild since January 2014.  She attended the workshops and started personal training closer to her fight which really complimented her Muay Thai.  We are very proud of her as she has just won her first fight against a very tough competitor.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I have always been keen to develop my strength training alongside my Muay Thai to help improve my power and stamina and have trained with fitness wild at the workshop sessions since January 2014.”

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“On the run up to my first fight I started to have PTs with Emily and she immediately focused the sessions to suit my training goals – working specifically on explosive power, speed and strength without ever leaving my body too sore for my Thai training in the evening. Her sessions were always absolutely crammed full and planned to the letter and this professional and consistent attitude to the sessions always helped to motivate me!”

“Fitness Wild has been a massive help to my training and they were even there to support me on the day of my fight where I brought home the win after 5 rounds whereby my strength and stamina was definitely put to the test.”

“Thank you!”

It was an absolute pleasure to train Jenny, she came to every session with focus and determination.  She listened to all our advice and gave 100% effort throughout.  Awesome work Jenny!

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