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Hypertrophy camp – 2014

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This camp is all about body composition. In this camp you will learn hands on, different methods to boost hypertrophy which you can take away with you and continue to use to reach your body’s full potential.
You will be required to train 3 times a week. You will be given packs with everything about the hypertrophy process, Nutrition for gaining or losing, depending on what you need as well as dealing with muscle soreness and recovery methods.
Training is mandatory and at the start of the six week course you will be asked to sign a contract saying you will make every session unless circumstances out of your control permit you doing so.
Classes will start January 9th at 6pm, then every Monday, Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at 9am, each session lasts 60 minutes.

Please contact Info@fitnesswild.com for payment information required to secure your spot.

Only one space left. Those that have paid please email us your t shirt size ASAP