Jack Johns

The one thing I want you all to take from my experience is that it is possible, you can do it. My journey was somewhat different than most, in that my aim was to put on weight. All my life I have been lean, I did not think it was possible to put on muscle.

I have always been an active person enjoying a variety of aerobic sports over the years. When the Fitness Wild boys came to train us at the fire station it was a massive step up in intensity.  This was so profound that I used to get anxious just before a session. The way our shift works meant that there were big gaps between the sessions at the station. It was like starting all over again which involved going through massive DOMS every time.

The only way to stop this was to join the workshop sessions outside of work and get my body used to this. Let’s face it the other option was to give up and that was definitely not going to happen.

I could see that with Jimmy and Ben’s knowledge and passion for their subject I was only going to get fitter, faster and stronger. It was not until some of my colleagues started their 12 week programme that I learnt a bit more about nutrition /weight training that I thought this might be possible. Another thing I can be sure of is that without Jim and Ben’s ceaseless positivity and encouragement this would not have been within my grasp.

They are able to extract a herculean effort from every one-to-one session that is almost impossible to replicate in the gym on your own.

Half way through my programme we had a new addition to the family which put things on hold for a month. It was harder to find time to train and also get the required sleep from this point on, but thanks to an understanding wife we made it work.

The other part I found hard was the food. The type of foods were fine, I enjoy eating clean. It was just the volume that I struggled with. This volume brings its own problems which are food preparation, and then eating time (those who know me will tell you that I am the slowest eater on the planet).

To sum up I have put on 6kg and all my measurements have increased, I feel I owe the boys so much. They have given me the skills, encouragement and experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my journey.

Jack’s Results

Jack’s amazing results came after 12 weeks of hard work, dedication, determination and commitment. There are no short cuts but we will design programmes specific to you, your body and your needs.

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