Mike Warrem

Day 1, posture assessment, movement range, first go at some extreme weights (the back didn’t snap!) and an introduction to the nutrition plan, looked easy as I liked all the foods listed, how hard could it be!

Start weight 14 stone 7 pound, waist 39.5 inches and chest 41 inches.

By the end of week one my mind and body were having a complete melt down, every muscle felt ready to explode and my body and brain were struggling with the massive changes in the diet.

The next few weeks were a struggle but I stuck religiously to the workout and nutrition plan and started to see the benefits, weight was falling off and my shape was changing.

By far the hardest part of the transformation for me was adapting to the nutrition changes, at times my energy levels were so low I struggled taking the dog for a walk, but I stuck with it and by the end of week seven my body and brain had adapted to the changes and things started to get easier, only mentally easier as the workouts get more extreme and challenging as you progress, no two workouts are ever the same. You will never be bored at Fitness Wild.

Week 8, weight 13 stone 2 pound, waist 36.5 inches, chest 39.5 inches.

The last four weeks were the best, the body had completely adapted to the changes and every workout and meal was a pleasure.

I am now lifting weight far exceeding my own body weight and not once has my back complained, this is only down to the excellent guidance and coaching from the Fitness Wild team.

My shape, size, posture and weight has all changed, I have never felt fitter or stronger, its not easy, it takes a lot of will power and dedication but the results speak for themselves, best result of all I no longer suffer from lower back pain.

Fitness Wild is not just a passing fad of crazy health kicks or extreme diets, its gets you to focus on everything your body does and why it does it and helps you to make subtle but important changes that stay with you.

If your reading this then you’re already thinking about your fitness so go for it, contact the team at Fitness Wild you wont be disappointed.

Would I recommend Fitness Wild to anyone thinking about their fitness and well being, definitely YES.

Week 12 finish weight 13 stone 0 pound, waist 36 inches and chest 41 inches.

Mike’s Results

Mike’s results came after 12 weeks of hard work, dedication, determination and commitment. There are no short cuts but we will design programmes specific to you, your body and your needs.

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