‘Tis the season for unwanted gains

Tis the session to eat sugar.

Christmas and new year have become an excuse to just eat what we want, justified by the fact its Christmas, I have even heard people use the excuse your body needs the fat for the winter… clearly they don’t live in the 21st century and probably still ride a dinosaur.
Most of us who train have a fairly good day to day diet so allowing the odd treat meal in over the festive period is okay. It’s just keeping track of that odd treat and how many times we reach for the chocolate tin. We need to stick to the basics and keep away from processed foods; high sugar and salt content meals as well as white carbs. This is half the battle won.
A good thing about Christmas is there is no lack of good old dark green vegetables, packed with vitamins and nutrients. Also we can keep our plates loaded with turkey, a high protein dense meat. Limiting the roasted spuds or favouring the sweet potato can turn the Christmas dinner in to a high protein nutrient rich meal!
Both Christmas and new years has also become a reason to drink, and drink and drink and drink! Again sticking to the basics of clean eating and loading up on our greens will help limit the hit of this. The main thing here is hydration. Good hydration is key. For every alcohol beverage you have, consume a pint of water. This will help limit the effects the next day. In the morning your body needs vitamins, hydration and salt. Bacon and poached eggs and a big glass of water will give your body what it needs. Avoid juices as they are loaded with sugar and won’t be your friend.
Alcohol is generally very calorie rich and will defiantly contribute to the Christmas bulk. If you do drink, think about your drink choice; Wine, beers, rum all very kcal heavy. Rum in itself is just sugar! Gin or vodka will be your best bet. Have with tonic water or soda. Not a fizzy drink.
Fitness Wild would recommend increasing your supplement intake during this time. Below are our top 5 sups to help this Christmas;
Vitamin B complex: A vitamin B complex will give you energy a boost and is great for the nervous system.
Vitamin D: The sunshine vitamin. We normally get it from the sun, sadly the winter months mean we are limited on the amount we can get. Vitamin D is great for recovery and bone health.
Vitamin C: Contributes to our body’s immune system, something we want to keep backing up as it will take a hammering over the festive period.
Omega 3 fish oils: Helps with brain health, tissue recovery and even prevent disease.
L – Cartanine: Transfers long-chain fatty acids, such as triglycerides into mitochondria, where they may be oxidized to produce energy. Carnitine has also been shown to reduce fatigue. It also helps keep your body from storing fat
Not a crazy change and doesn’t mean you have to be humbug about Christmas, just a few wiser choices for damage control.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!