Tracy Woodrow

Back in April I was referred to the physio as my knees were swelling up after playing sport. I play netball on a regular basis and found I was struggling with my knees. After the consultation, the Physio advised me I had no core strength and my knees were taking all the pounding. In order to continue playing netball at the level I was I needed to do something about it. I wasn’t ready to give up playing, not yet! We talked about what I could do, Pilates and personal training came into the conversation.

So after some investigation I contacted Fitness Wild. Jimmy came back to me and was really easy to talk to and helpful. He suggested I come along for a one to one session which I did. I was slightly nervous and didn’t know what to expect.

The first session was really interesting. I learnt how my posture really affected how my body worked and that I wasn’t standing right!! We worked on ways to improve that and I was given some simple homework to do at home. Jimmy also gave me a nutrition plan to help me with my bad eating habits.

I took it all on board and signed up initially for four weeks. I really enjoyed my two sessions a week with these guys. They really want you to do well and plan your session to your needs. It’s all about you while you are there. At times it was really hard and I came away each time feeling refreshed and energised and the guys continue to encourage you, making it all worth while.

I started to lose weight which wasn’t my ultimate goal but I had put on weight recently and this was an extra bonus for me to carry on. I’d initially booked four weeks of one-to-one training twice a week and this was due to finish. So mid-May, when this did, I decided to carry on, I was really enjoying it. I booked a further 8 weeks, this took me up to my summer holiday which worked for me.

Jimmy, Benji and Callum want you to achieve your goal, whatever that may be. They share all their experience with you to get the end result you want. The results are amazing and you don’t think it’s possible but it is! I have lost 23lb and gone down at least one dress size while working with these guys which I am thankful for. I’ve just come back from holiday and already looking to get back to training.

I would highly recommend Fitness Wild, the team are great and really approachable. Nothing seems to be a problem, and sessions are all outside which makes it even nicer. If you’re serious about making some simple changes get in contact with the guys, if I’ve managed to do it anyone can!! I can’t keep saying how amazing they are……………thanks guys!!

Tracy’s Results

Tracy’s amazing results came after week’s of hard work, dedication, determination and commitment. There are no short cuts but we will design programmes specific to you, your body and your needs.

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